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Lose fat sustainably whilst healing your relationship with your food and body.

My Coaching Process

Welcome, My Name Is Liv.

I am a Degree Qualified and EIQ Certified Nutritionist. After a number of years working face-to-face with my clients and delivering corporate nutrition seminars, I took to the private online nutrition coaching space where I now work with and support women from all over the world. Read more about me here.

“After nearly 8 years of yo-yo dieting and binge-restriction habits, Liv has completely transformed my relationship with food and nutrition! Even working with me from the other side of the word (AUS – UK), her professionalism and knowledge, paired with her kind and encouraging nature, are a perfect combination for a nutrition coach!”


Shaye Francis

My Private Online Nutritionist Service

A premium and completely personalised service underpinned by education, compassion, and balance, providing you with the tools to achieve and maintain your results for life.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Recommendations in line with your health and/or body composition goals, including food-based habits, portion size guidelines, calorie/macro targets, and example meal plans.

Tailored Lifestyle Coaching

Considerations tailored to your individual lifestyle preferences, such as family life and work commitments, helping you work with, rather than against, what have likely been previous barriers.

One-to-One Accountability

Stay motivated with regular check-ins and progress reviews as I celebrate your successes and help you navigate setbacks.

OBM Nutrition Resources

Access exclusive resources, including educational materials, recipes, and meal-planning tools, to support your health journey.

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My Nutritionist Testimonials

You can read more thoughtful testimonials on my Google business page.


“OBM Nutrition has helped me get my health back on track. The support and accountability from Liv is second to none. She has helped me get out of a yo-yo diet mentality and most importantly I haven’t had to sacrifice my lifestyle. Liv hasn’t just aided me with my weight loss goals but she has also supported my mental health around body image and navigation around difficult/busy periods since I started with her – she has completely changed my mindset. I highly recommend her services!”

– Andie


“Liv is so thoughtful and really cares about each one of her clients. I’m so grateful for her guidance and perspective on balance and everything in moderation so there’s no more yo-yo dieting . Overall I feel better equipped to live a healthier life. Thanks so much Liv!”

– Jennifer


“Liv has provided me with a wealth of nutrition knowledge that has honestly been life-changing. Since working with Liv I have defined daily habits that are attainable and sustainable, leading me on the path to achieving my long term goals. I am so thankful for my time with OBM and would recommend her services to anyone looking to achieve nutrition and lifestyle goals.”

– Annabelle


“Liv is very knowledgeable and dedicated to the success of her clients. I’ve felt very supported throughout my time with her. I love the regular check-ins as well as being held accountable by both her and myself for forming healthy new habits, and for improving my mindset towards dieting and healthy living.”

– Christina


“I’ve been working with Liv for a few weeks now and let me tell you she is amazing. She takes the time to get to know you and your life before putting you on any plans or programs, she doesn’t make you feel guilty for “over indulging” and she provides so much education on everything. Liv just isn’t there to help you achieve your weight loss or body composition goals but to help you change your life and establish really good habits to not only become better physically but also mentally.”

– Rhiannon


“I’ve been working with Liv for about four months and she has helped me shift my focus from big dramatic and unsustainable changes to sustainable choices and swaps in my nutrition, exercise and mindset. I’ve spent majority of my life fluctuating dramatically in weight loss and gain. I expected to join this program and lose weight very quickly but Liv has helped me reframe what successful fat loss looks like and I have consistently lost fat at a sustainable level (and kept it off) and improved my daily habits. My knowledge and self awareness of nutrition and natural body fluctuations has increased. I have also still been able to enjoy my social occasions and eating out. Working with Liv provides extra support for goal achievement and she is someone you can discuss challenges with and celebrate wins with. Couldn’t recommend anyone better to work with.”

– Piper


“If you are looking for sustainable lifestyle changes, someone that will go above and beyond for her clients to find the best individualised approach for them and is a wealth of evidence based knowledge Liv is it! She is kind, down to earth, honest and supportive! Having stumbled onto Liv on insta and after having a few initial conversations I’m grateful that I took the leap to partner with Liv and know that our time working together will pay dividends for years to come! She is incredible at what she does and in the few months we’ve worked together she has helped me to transform my mindset and supported me to grow my knowledge about nutrition. Her approach isn’t about restriction where you need to cut out all social occasions or sweet treats rather she equips you with the knowledge and tools to go into such situations with a positive mindset and a plan of action for afterwards. She advocates for making small sustainable changes that can become part of your regular routine and allow you to see longer term change. With Liv, no question is silly and often in answering comes along with detailed information in the form of infographics or even recorded videos to ensure you have what you need to be equipped to succeed. She is responsive throughout the week on the app as well as on email. She even outside of normal follow up phone calls goes the extra mile to message you checking in on how your week is progressing or to follow up on new habits that you are trying adding an extra level of accountability. I couldn’t recommend her enough and wish I’d stumbled onto her sooner!”

– Asma


“I found Liv through a friend who was her client and had not only a great experience but amazing results. I reached out to Liv in May about nutrition coaching and have been working with her since June. From the beginning, she has provided personalised support, meal plans, and goals. She’s adapted to what I feel comfortable with regarding tracking, weigh ins, etc. She is incredibly patient and I’m so honoured to get to work with her.”

– Isabela

Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting, feeling guilty about your food choices, and being at war with your body, I’m here to help. As a qualified nutritionist and experienced coach, I’ve helped countless women break free from the dieting cycle and achieve sustainable fat loss without sacrificing their lifestyle. Through personalised support, education, and accountability, I’ll guide you in developing a healthy, balanced relationship with food and your body, so you can feel confident, empowered, and in control of your health.

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Empowering You with a Risk-Free Commitment

Start your journey to better health and a more positive relationship with food, knowing your investment is protected. If you don’t feel empowered and satisfied with your experience, I’ll refund your money in full.

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“If you are looking for sustainable lifestyle changes, someone that will go above and beyond for her clients to find the best individualised approach for them and is a wealth of evidence based knowledge Liv is it!”



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